Senior Spotlight: Keith

For goodness sake…have FUN! If you know Keith, he’s a goofball. I know his mom, and I took his big sister’s senior portraits (hi, Kaylin!) two years ago. I’ve taught Keith. He’s the class clown. The one who constantly smiles. He is in the school play. He golfs. He has a laid-back attitude and is […]

Senior Spotlight: Hallie

Oh, senior portraits in Greece? No big deal! It was the opportunity of a lifetime. When Dawn told me about her trip to Europe with her daughter Hallie, I was only slightly jealous. Paris? Warsaw? Madrid? Sign me up! It wasn’t until she told me they were also stopping a few days in Santorini that […]

Wedding Light

I met Ashley in my first grad school class, however I barely knew her until we ended up in the same Composition Theory class. We bonded over our love of animals and travel which resulted in her joining me on three major trips abroad. I could not ask for a better friend and travel buddy. […]

In Defense of Selfies

I am a millennial. Amongst so many other things, it means that I really like drinking locally roasted coffee and taking pictures of the minutia of my life. Including, but not limited to, selfies. As a photographer, I swear it is taboo to take selfies. That’s not a real art! The critics cry. How dare […]