Senior Spotlight: Alyssa

Amanda Dinkel

City backdrops only

When I asked Alyssa if she wanted to have her senior portraits taken, she responded with indifference. Her sister had an elaborate session, and in fitting of a younger sister (or so it seems), she wanted to do her own thing.

Whereas Brianna wanted romantic light and whimsy, Alyssa wanted something edgier. She told me that she wanted to have it taken in the city.

You ask, and I will oblige.

This purple wall was a treat of a find. First time in that little alleyway.
Her smirk makes this image. Such expressive eyes, too!
Proof positive she can smile rather than just smirk.
We really liked the Americana feel of the objects in the window paired with that shirt.
She fits so naturally, just sitting on the steps as if she is pondering life.

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