about the crimson calla

The minute I put a camera in my hand, I knew I was at home. I loved the control that it gave me, to preserve a moment in time. I started with things around me: my cats, my family, my country home. Once I started college in 2000, I started with a new realm of opportunities. Small beginnings, such as portraits of friends, then an engagement session, then my first summer of weddings (Oh, the summer of 2005!). I started with two film cameras. One is my very precious Nikon FM10, and the other was my fast acting Nikon N80. Later that year, I got my first DSLR (a Nikon D50, which is still working today under new owners!) and then moved up to my girls, Thelma and Louise (twin Nikon D90s that I just can’t part with!). My favorite lens is my “portrait lens,” a Nikon 50mm 1:1.8D. That allows for those extreme shallow depth of field shots.

I travel the world, too. Usually taking Thelma or Louise on those adventures. Probably one of my favorite photographs was taken in 2016 at Palais Royale in Madrid. It’s the one above, with a stark blue sky and lamp off to the side. I usually photography those I love; I hope you can see the care and attention I give them with each photograph.