Senior Spotlight: Luke

Amanda Dinkel

The Mayor of Caro High School

I’ve known Luke since he was in sixth grade. At the time, I was teaching seventh grade reading, and even though I never taught Luke at that time, it was impossible to ignore him.

Luke just knew everyone. He chatted with everyone.

Well, Luke likes to chat.

I jokingly call him The Mayor due to this talent of his. He’s always smiling, which is why you never see him without one. The one photograph I have of him not smiling is a rare thing indeed. He also has the pulse on what is going on around town. He just knows things!

It was a treat to photograph him this summer, and I look forward to our fall session coming up soon.

Can’t you see him at a future town function?
This is the closest we got to being “serious”, but you can see that he’s got that sly little smirk
Anyone who knows Luke has experienced this, hands raised with a loud laugh. It’s contagious!

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