Senior Spotlight: Keith

Amanda Dinkel

For goodness sake…have FUN!

If you know Keith, he’s a goofball. I know his mom, and I took his big sister’s senior portraits (hi, Kaylin!) two years ago. I’ve taught Keith. He’s the class clown. The one who constantly smiles. He is in the school play. He golfs. He has a laid-back attitude and is comfortable in front of a camera.

So it was an easy job.

We lucked out for weather (whew!), and it shows in the pictures by Sandpoint, where you can see the dark storm clouds looming in the distance. He was game for anything, even suggestions he grandmother called out.

What got me was when his mom asked him to walk away and turn to look over his shoulder. We did this with Kaylin’s. Kaylin’s image was serious, calm, and lovely.

Keith strutted away from me, then called out, “Like this?” before turning in an over dramatic fashion. I couldn’t stop laughing. We did a serious one, but as I predicted, the goofy face was my favorite. Why? Because that is the Keith I know! I want to capture my clients as they truly are; I want to show them and others that they are incredible, funny, kind, worthy human beings. Just as they are.

This is Keith. Simply Keith.

There is so much I adore of this image, most of all, though, is his smile. Cannot be beat!
Oh, so casual. Can’t you see him as an executive one day?
He was made to live by the sea.
This is, quite possibly, my favorite picture. Why? Because it shows Keith exactly as he his, no embellishments needed.
This is my second favorite image. I think Keith feels natural. When I asked him about it, he said it’s his favorite shirt.
Lesson to you all. Folks, wear something you love!

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