Senior Spotlight: Molly

Amanda Dinkel

Photographer, knitter, Slytherin

Despite our somewhat distant relations, I have rarely spent time with Molly. After this session, I felt like she was just a younger version of me. Except for being a Slytherin. I’m a Hufflepuff. But as we discussed, those two seem to get along the best out of all of the houses.

I couldn’t have agreed more.

Also, note the sweater that she made. Inspired by Harry Styles’ own color block sweater, she knit her own. The expression on her face when I told her to imagine the sweater was like Harry giving her a hug…well, I’m sure you can guess the look.

Working with Molly got me to branch out to places in Midland. It will definitely be added to my list of where to go, especially with the incredible color we saw.

That wall was just speaking to that red dress of hers.
Look at that photo on the cover of the paper. She took that and won national recognition. Color me impressed!
Molly with her main squeeze, Nikolai the Nikon.
Sisters. There were cute ones that will definitely make the Christmas cards this year, but this was a favorite of mine since they were both laughing with each other. Or maybe they were laughing at each other. Who knows?!
She said twirling like this pleased her inner six-year-old.
“Imagine the sweater is Harry with his arms around you…”

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