[Senior Spotlight] Olivia

Amanda Dinkel

What do you LOVE?

Are you someone who geeks out over Harry Potter? Are you bonkers about playing tennis? Do you long to work as a theatrical set designer? Or do you like to make YouTube videos that make others feel inspired (or just make them laugh a little)?

For as long as I have known Olivia, I knew one thing for certain: she is a dancer. Going into this session, I knew that we would have to include her passion for dance.

That’s why we started the session just outside (and inside) of her dance studio. The brick walls and metal staircase provided an excellent backdrop with her tap and toe shoes.

After that, we went to her family’s beachfront property on Lake Huron. As much as a gorgeous sunset would have been incredible, Olivia (and that red shirt) stole the show in front of beach grass and rolling waves. She seems so natural and comfortable  on the beach.

If you are questioning a theme to your senior session, I have two pieces of advice for you. One, bring something you love with you. It will add your personality to your photographs. Two, find places that make you feel comfortable. You will look and feel more natural if you find that perfect place.

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