[Senior Spotlight] Ellie

Amanda Dinkel

What should you bring with you on a senior session? A few changes in clothes, some ideas, and a genuine smile.

If you are like many seniors, or just people in general, trying to show a genuine smile in front of the camera is extremely difficult. That’s why I should also encourage you to bring one more thing with your clothes and ideas: a friend.

Pick a friend who makes you laugh, and ask your photographer to just let the camera go. In this session with Ellie, she brought along someone who brought out these incredible, real smiles. This person was mimicking her poses, and singing along to the live music across the river (and getting most of the words wrong).

What made it difficult was when she needed to have a “serious” expression! A great tip is to have a friend there to make sure the genuine smiles come out, and to walk away when you need to be serious.

Ellie, however, can truly work that serious expression. She is, as my grandma would say, a “smart cookie.” She’s studious and athletic. I wish I had half of the natural running talent that she does! Ellie is also part of a core group of friends. There is a reason why this class is one of my favorite groups of young men and women. I can’t help it! Surround yourself with this amazing group, and I implore you to be able to prove me otherwise.

And now, to a future engineer…Ellie!

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