Arthur’s First Birthday

Amanda Dinkel

Of all the dogs in the world, I believe that golden retrievers are the most pure of heart. There is a magic about them—they can fix just about anything and everything. Without going into too much detail, that’s exactly what Arthur is. He is magic.

Not to say he is perfect—he is quite the troublemaker! When I tell stories about him, people compare him to Marley. He’s not that bad, but he channels another wonderful golden who has crossed the rainbow bridge. That dog was a Marley! Arthur is just a puppy. A strong one. A loving one. And one who has the purest of hearts.

Something I am introducing in 2019 is the mini session. It’s nothing that has props (yet) or anything like that. It’s just simply a smaller session that comes with a package deal. It can fit anyone for anything, anywhere.

While you wait for the perfect mini session moment, enjoy these playful puppy pictures of Sir Arthur.

Jumping for his stick!
Always on the move and always, always happy!
Can’t believe he is a year old already!
His momma picked out this dapper tuxedo top for him!
A perfect golden profile!
This was a surprise for his Daddy–a photograph with his Manchester City scarf.
His smile is everything!

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