[Senior Spotlight] Mackenzie: All in the Details

Amanda Dinkel

Details are everything! My second Mackenzie of the summer is someone who knows how to show off all those lovely details. (Check out all of those rose gold accents!) I got to know Mackenzie last summer on the school trip to Italy and Spain. I didn’t know her well before that, but I knew she was a quiet soul, talented artist, and diligent student. Once I got to know her, I realized all of that was true, and more.

Mackenzie has this wonderfully calm presence, which can only be an asset in all areas of her life. She is also intuitive with a fantastic sense of humor–she’s usually quick to catch on to my odd pop culture references or puns in the classroom. You can also see by looking at her that she is polished and put together. I adore her style!

What you may not know about Mackenzie is her adventurous spirit. She’s another traveler who is joining me to France and Spain next summer, and I’m so excited to see her grow into a fierce world traveler. I may have to ask her to pose for some post-graduation European sessions because I would love you all to see this girl embark on her future–here and abroad.

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