[Senior Spotlight] Mackenzie: Urban Dancer

Amanda Dinkel

Long time, no see! I decided if I’m going to come back onto the blogverse, I’m going to do so with not one, but two senior spotlights. And they both happen to be named Mackenzie!

This one I have known since seventh grade, and we seem to have a unique bond. One day in seventh grade, this amazingly selfless young lady spent her lunch to help her teacher (me!) with organizing the classroom. We traded stories, laughed, and I was constantly floored by how grounded this preteen was.

In all honesty, I saw so much of myself in her. She embraces her wonderful differentness. She can laugh at herself. She loves exploring the world. How can you not appreciate this girl, I ask you!

This is another one I can see going to be amazing in this world: she wants to perform, travel, read, dance, sing, and laugh her way into adulthood. Take on the world, Mackenzie!

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