New and Improved

Amanda Dinkel

If the site looks a little different, that’s because I decided a new approach, including the ever-popular idea of blogging with my photographs. This may take me a while to get the handle of it–especially if you notice the bottom of the page and it says I’m based in NYC. Sigh.

I wanted to introduce some of my recent work…a smattering of it, if you will. In the past few months, I’ve spent time working with my students on their senior portraits. I have a special bond with most of these soon-to-be graduates. I’ve taught most of them, and some of them I taught my first year teaching middle school reading and art. Now that they are seniors, I get a little sentimental as they embark on their last few months of school.

In the next few weeks, I will feature a different representative of the class of 2017. I will also showcase some of my recent wedding and engagement sessions, as well as some of my recent travels (I just got back from Nashville!). Thanks for stopping in and visiting my new website!

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